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Salmon Run Concerts and sound|counterpoint invite you to join us for a second season of music from the Renaissance, Baroque, and even an occasional foray into the 21st century.  Established in 2015 to serve the communities of the Skagit Valley and Puget Sound, Salmon Run Concerts takes as its mission to present this stunningly diverse music in a vibrant and varied new series of concerts, featuring some of the finest historically-informed musicians the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We are excited to share this fantastic chamber music with you, and hope you will come away with us on this journey into the heart of this great music.

In our season opener, we’ll be snooping through Pisendel’s closet in a program of works from the Dresden SLUB collection. Our January concerts, The Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle-Gentlemen will delve into some of the finest chamber and theater music of 17th- and 18th-century Britain. We will be joined by fellow Salmon Runner Christine Wilkinson Beckman. Then, a special duo program, ...with violin accompaniment, featuring Linda and Jonathan investigates the obbligato sonata repertoire for harpsichord and violin, including a newly commissioned work by local composer Adam Haws. Next, Nootka Rose joins the Salmon Run season with Fantastic!, featuring works from 17th-century Austria and Germany.  Fingers of Fire ends our season with a bang when sound|counterpoint is joined by Portland-based bassoon phenomenon Nate Helgeson in a virtuoso program featuring works of Vivaldi and Zelenka.


This season our Mount Vernon concerts will be about one hour in length without intermission. 


Salmon Run Concerts takes its name from the five species of salmon which can be found in the Skagit river and other waterways around Washington state. Think of us as musical salmon, running the rivers of the contemporary age (freeways) to bring you great music. A contrived comparison? Possibly, but we love this music, and we love salmon, so we'll stick with it.

Experience the luxurious sounds of Baroque and Renaissance chamber music

on period instruments in the beautiful Skagit Valley and Puget Sound.

Salmon Run Concerts

Salmon Run Concerts

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